Community Guidelines

Found an interesting piece of JavaScript news you’d like to share with the community? Great! Here are the next steps.

Submitting a Story

To add a story, simply click the “New Post” button on the News page. You’ll need to authenticate with GitHub before you can add a post (if you don’t have a GitHub profile yet, you can create one on their site). You can then create a story, including the title, link, and brief description. Every post is moderated before it’s published, so once you hit “Submit,” your story goes into the queue for approval.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to make sure your story gets shared with the community.


  • Keep it informative and brief, but not too brief — posts need to be between 100–300 characters
  • Make sure what you’re posting has good educational value
  • Contribute — this community is only as good as its communication, so speak up!


  • Add job postings, blog advertisements, or any other promotional posts
  • Rant — let’s keep things civil and open
  • Be shy — feel free to engage in conversation and add stories regularly