Javascript Courses

Pluralsight’s Quick Start to JavaScript

Learn how to write the programming language from scratch, so you can start creating code of your own.

JavaScript Objects and Prototypes

In-depth, behind-the-scenes details of creating JavaScript objects, manipulating properties, and using prototypal inheritance.

Advanced Techniques in JavaScript and jQuery

Take your JavaScript functions to the next level. Explore events and learn about jQuery Deferred objects.

JavaScript Best Practices

From syntax oddities, to async patterns, to callbacks, this course will help you identify and prevent common problems and headaches in JavaScript by learning best practices. 

JavaScript Core Language

Dive into JavaScript while learning the basics of arrays, collections, and functions as well as advanced topics such as promises and asynchronous programming.

Javascript Resources

Pluralsight JavaScript Courses

Hundreds of on-demand courses covering fundamental JavaScript tutorials through advanced techniques.

MDN JavaScript Guide

A large series of written guides curated by Mozilla contributors.


Interactive courses on JavaScript fundamentals.

Eloquent JavaScript

An online book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

JavaScript for Cats

If you’re a cat who wants to learn JavaScript, there isn’t a better online book.

You Don’t Know JavaScript

A series of books by Kyle Simpson that dives deep into JavaScript.


An extensive collection of free JavaScript books.

JavaScript Webinars

Angular in 2017: What’s new and what to expect

Explore where your team should begin working with the newest features, how to handle future updates to the framework and more.

An Angular force awakens with John Papa

The 7 fundamentals of Angular 2, key features, accessing data via HTTP, using metadata to describe components and new templating and data binding concepts.

Angular 2.0: What you need to know 

What’s different with 2.0, what’s staying the same and how you can begin experimenting with it today.

Is your team ready to learn React?

Compare React.js to popular alternatives like Angular and jQuery and learn why you should start using it in your front-end workflow.

Getting Started With Go

Find out if Go, the popular, open source programming language from Google, is right for you and your team.

JSON is taking over the world

With the rise of JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries, JSON may be the best option you haven’t considered yet.