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Pluralsight launches new Isolation Mode for cloud labs and sandboxes

Our new Isolation Mode provides you with an additional level of security to prevent data exfiltration while using our cloud hands-on labs and sandboxes.

Jun 5, 2024 • 2 Minute Read

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As cyber attacks continue to rise, organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to safeguard their network and protect their data — especially organizations that maintain personal data due to the risk of data exfiltration. Most organizations implement firewall restrictions, DNS filtering, and policies against installing software. While these measures help to mitigate risk, they also block some organizations from accessing cloud provider consoles, which prohibits the ability to use cloud hands-on labs and sandboxes to learn in a safe, secure environment. 

Many organizations have to trade off one best security practice for another, and most often, employees are left without a hands-on training environment that helps them learn faster, retain more, and build skills they can use to help optimize security awareness and best practices. This kind of trade-off can help organizations in the short term, but it derails organizations from growing, innovating, and implementing best practices in the long term. 

To solve this challenge, our team put their heads together to create a new type of hands-on experience: 

Introducing Pluralsight Isolation Mode for cloud labs and sandboxes

Pluralsight Isolation Mode provides an additional layer of security to reduce the risk of data exfiltration while using our cloud labs and sandboxes by restricting copy and paste, disabling file upload and download, and enabling only specific IP addresses and domains to be accessed. 

We specifically designed Isolation Mode for organizations in regulated sectors that are concerned about data exfiltration. The functionality enables learners to safely access our labs and sandboxes using a secure, fully isolated environment to: 

  • Reduce the risk of personal data being copied, pasted, or transferred into public cloud environments

  • Safely build in the cloud without putting personal data at risk

  • Help learners build confidence in their hands-on skills 

Safeguarding company environments

Isolation Mode works in conjunction with existing firewalls, filtering, and policies, meaning learners can access the hands-on experiences without compromising data or security controls that are in place. This allows learners to safely access cloud provider consoles, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform through our secure browser-in-browser Isolation Mode experience. 

To sum it up

Hands-on skill development is the key to mastering a technology, and we’re continuing to build new products and solutions that enable our customers to become experts in their technical field. Isolation Mode is just one example of a new solution that allows learners to leverage the hands-on development experiences that might typically be restricted when using their company’s network — with the added security guardrails that safeguards their network, protects sensitive data, and ensures data compliance. 

Ready to check it out yourself? Schedule a demo with one of our account executives to see it in action. 

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